Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Sitcom Ideas

I saw that NBC is having a sitcom competition and I've been bouncing around ideas in my head. Pretty much everything I see has become a potential sitcom in my mind.

Inspiration strikes at the damndest times

Sitcom idea: God spends all his time in his man cave watching sports smoking and drinking heavily to cope with the stress of his gambling problem. Cut to: some random sporting event broadcast getting interrupted with breaking news of <fill in the blank> tragedy. Zoom in: God pissed, "why the fuck are you interrupting the game for this shit?!" as He changes the channel in hopes of finding the game on another network. 

I call it My Imaginary Friend. I was going to call it Biggest Loser, but that name is taken.

The other day we were at Cooperstown in P-Ho-En-Ix grabbing some grub before the Frank Turner concert when in walked a little spitfire of a woman named Charlie. She's Brittish, she's tiny and she has a bigger than life personality. That is a sitcom waiting to happen. And that was my actual thought as we hung out with her all night and she got us to meet the band after the show. 

I call it Girl Charlie. 

No, she doesn't live in Apt 23B

But my favorite idea for a sitcom is a group of Facebook friends who have never met and never will. Their entire lives are spent online interacting with one another and liking this or poking that. They lose the ability to interact with actual human beings and they get an overinflated sense of worth because they get so many likes for even the most pithy of status updates. 

Wait, that's way too close to home for me.

I need coffee.

Have a nice day.

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