Saturday, April 26, 2014

My Island of Misfit Toys

I told the story of my gramma's breast cancer during a break in AA the a few weeks ago. I don't know how it came up - it had nothing to do with being a drunk or recovery.

Anyway, the story is pretty simple. Gramma had breast cancer and I stayed with gramma to help her recover from a double mastectomy. When she was first finally able to even bathe, I had to do most of the bathing because she couldn't raise her arms above her head.

I figured she was getting better when I was showering her one day and she had a little bounce in her step as she stood there nekkid and started singing... if you want my body and you think I'm sexy...

So that happened. And since most drunks are smokaholics and I quit smoking awhile ago, there was only a small number of people who got to hear that story.

The other night during a meeting someone shared and just threw in for no particular reason about herself, I have a twisted sense of humor and Rudy's story about his grandmother in the shower was hilarious!

My thought process went something like do I explain what she means or let everyone think I'm just some sick piece of shit? 

I went with that latter.
What is seen cannot be unseen

I need coffee.


  1. OMG Rod is not sexy here! But I still love him, very cute story about your grandma though, you saw grandma naked eeww:)