Monday, April 21, 2014

Jetpack can suck it

My website crashed again for the second time in six months following a Jetpack update. Coincidence?

I've lost all previous entries and there is a part of me that is taking that as a sign that I can start over again from scratch. Also, it's hard to get upset about losing what amounts to whatever the opposite of Pulitzer Prize caliber work would be. 

Frank Turner and the Sleeping Souls

Spent the better part of the last week following ^ that guy around Arizona. It was pretty awesome. The Gorgeous Blonde got to meet him and fawn like a groupie. He was an all around good guy. It was a good time. 

Where is her hand?

All in all it has been an exhausting few weeks. We've been on a cruise, a few concerts, Arizona and points in between. Time for a little vacation from all the vacating! 

Have a nice day!
Me & Mr. Nigel Powell

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